Could it be because I did not install the Chip driver before I did those? I down loaded the older driver for the 3Com and it had a Connection assistant file to install. Please give me simple steps for a “blond” to install this driver before I blow my brains out. Thanks for all your help. Your name or email address: I connected the cable and the lights come on flashing slowly and my router sees the card, however, the driver will not install again and it shows back up in the device manager under “Other” with the yellow excl point and listed as simply “Ethernet Controler”.

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Made me wonder if I had turned off the LAN on the MB first and then installed the 3 com driver before turning it back on to detect it??????????

ASUS Motherboard ethernet driver help

Originally posted by BondFreak The rest of the package is in the zip file. The exact message is “The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software” I tried again from scratch It opens a lot of files and none of which are exe files. I will send screen shot after work when I get home. The DX adds a few more toys firewire, etc.

Normally it would connect to my network automatically, but for some odd reason it won’t and even setting up the network doesn’t work. It needs Microsoft Virtual Machine installed first.


It would not complete. Hi Wow, great troubleshooting steps, glad you have it going now and for maintanence steps this is a good guide HERE To be honest, the BIOS is the last thing you really want to mess with, do read if its supplied with the Download or on ASUSs website the changlog to the BIOS update as if it doesnt list a problem you are having then dont update as BIOS updates if nto done correctly can render a motherboard useless.

I have moved your thread to the drivers forum where you should get better help than in the welcome center. I still need to get thedriver for the ethernet however, because the wireless is only temporary. I down loaded the file ok that you sent, but got an error on installation.

Wed Sep 08, 4: The device manager was clear, so far so good The file is a ZIP file, so you’ll need to extract it first. I can not find this any longer since MS does not support it any longer. He is dead in the water without it and its been a week. But it’s not automatically connecting with my network once the drivers are installed, which happend with all my other machines.

Thanks again for trying to help me. Hi In Device Manager what yellow! Then I took out the new LAN card, booted back up, installed the new driver again first this time before inserting the card.

Asus P4PVM Intel Network Adapter Driver x32 – – Win 2K, Win XP

Tue Sep 07, 2: I adaptfr the chip set, rebooted, then unzipped the driver you sent. I am going to guess that you have the wrong drivers installed. Oddly, Marvell makes some of 3Com’s chips for them, so it’s not uncommon to see Marvell and 3Com on the same chip.


I uninstalled all programs that I had installed trying to load the 3Com driver so everything would be clean and rebooted.

It has onboard Ethernet 3Com. I am not at home at the moment so can’t do the screen shot until later, but all devices are fine at the moment except in “Other” it has the yellow mark then under it it has “Ethernet” and a yellow beside it also. The first uses 3Com; the second uses Marvel. All the other drivers on that disk should work with the P4P DX right? Not thirstydg, but yes they do.

I went through the steps you gave me which are what I have been doing and it says “the driver was not installed because the proper driver was nrtwork found”. You can download the drivers using this direct link.

Thanks for all your help. I am now able to access the internet by wireless with the computer.