Screen at x view large image. I think it might have something to do with all the interference from the internal workings of the R2H. Other external differences are a few cosmetic alterations but otherwise the device looks identical to its two older brothers. It probably needs a good 20 minutes, but you need to make sure you turned the gps on – it should be on Com1 I believe.. Wireless was toggled between on and off over this period and the device was used for about 2 hours of the time.

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After opening the main box, you get two more boxes and an instruction book view large image. One quick question,how did rr2e mount the Asus R2h on your car’s dash board? Other external differences are a few cosmetic alterations but otherwise the device looks identical to its two older brothers.

R2E | Laptops | ASUS Global

The fan was certainly audible when it revved into high gear. The R2E is externally almost identical to the previous versions. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. The gp is nice and can be cranked up to be easily readable and bright, but Windows XP on a display of this size is pretty painful to use.

ASUS R2E First Impressions

I still find the R2H usefull but it is restricted in a lot of ways as well. The stylus you get with the R2 is no fancier that what might come with a PDA. Then again most devices have their strong and weaker points, overall the R2E seems well build and has ample storage space even if the speed has not immediately impressed me but how would it improve my productivity, how would it perform ashs an Internet browser and an entertainment device? Down the right side is the joystick navigation button that acts like a mouse, pushing asu in acts as a left click.


GpsPasSion Forums – UMPC GPS – Asus R2H with SiRFstarIII GPS – Review

By now it was really late, as in two in the morning, I left the R2E to fend for itself on mains power and went to sleep. If you require GPS, be in for a ‘problematic’ time! The R2H screen is 7″ diagonally and has a x native resolution. Similar Threads – Asus. Product specifications may differ from country to country.

I hope the same will not apply for the car. As far navigation goes, it is great that you can take it with for a walk once you arrive to your destination. Not that I bought this thing for auss GPS. A dive into the range of processors and features from Intel.

The major challenge being the limited 7″ screen size and its resolution of x How’s the typical satellite acquisition time once the GPS has been configured and working? I found using Tablet PC applications and writing on the screen tough because of the size, and the feel unnatural. On the front side of the R2H you can see the 1. On the underneath side of the R2H you can see the GPS antenna and kickstand that allows you to prop up the R2 so it can stand facing you.


PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Everest is used to give a rundown on the hardware inside a PC, following is a link to this report for the R2H: From that day onwards, whenever I now switch on the GPS, it finds a signal practically immediately. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country.

Asus R2E Ultra Mobile PC introduced in India

I tried one today and could not get the GPS to find any satellites. Products may not be available in all markets. Just one small remark, it appears that Iguidance 3.

I was planning to get this Asus UMPC back in February when they have announced r2 but it took them way too long to release it to retail, so I have got the notebook instead. On the left top side is a biometric fingerprint reader that can be used as a login method to Windows.

Secure digital helps ASUS products work better together. It has four rubber feet on its back so when you place it lying screen face up the device is slightly elevated to allow the vents on the back to still do their work. It also allows you to asuss the hard drive of the R2 from your PC.