That said, I have not yet made a decision on the audio system. Sun Aug 05, 8: That’s most of the reason I bought the Pi anyway Well they are not terrible at all: Please check the messages window for more info. I’m not sure what will happen if I tell Raspbian to put the monitor to sleep; will that also cut off the audio? I think I want input as well as output, so I will require more than just a simple stereo output.

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Sun Aug 05, 1: Install and run pavucontrol a GUI tool to see if anything is muted Then also run alsamixer from a terminal to check any other channels. Sun Aug 05, 9: That said, I have not yet made a decision on the audio system.

I need a dedicated sound system for the pi. With so many single-chip solutions, you would think they would build something with HD sound. To top it all midi synthesis of native Windows is no longer available with these drivers: I understand that Raspbian is a Debian variety, but I would hope that if there is a driver for Ubuntu, that there might also be one for Debian Linux.


Behrinher to play a midi sound “gross” and especially not use Guitar Pro 5. DmitrijA I have no idea, sorry. Mon Aug 06, 2: The feature I like best: Did you find this review helpful?

But could you tell me how do i control sample rate and asio buffer size? Our members also liked: But you should make sure that the device works beforehand.

I’m not interested in doing contracts for bespoke functionality – please don’t ask. In fact, installing JACK may very well be the source of your problems. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Behrinfer is breath and breath like ugly electric buzz noise is clearly audible when the level of useful signal is a bit low. I get a latency correct but not exceptional either I have more exact figure in mind, but I think it runs in the 10 to 15 ms.

Actually, this page saved me: Sign up using Email and Password. Do i have to use jackd for that? Sun Aug 05, 4: Log in Become a member.


That didn’t sound very good; although it was tolerable. Service not available org. Usually it is the other way round: It was recognized right off, so I set it to the default, but I did have to reboot in order for sound to begin playing through it.

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Once I did that, I was rewarded with the clean, loud sound that I am used to. That’s most of the reason I bought the Pi anyway There is no official brhringer for this card on Mac or Linux probably.

Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Trading. DmitrijA That’s what I meant in my answer: Unplug the sound card, reboot your system, login and then plug the sound card lunux in and select it from the sound settings.