No problems at all during the rip and burn. After some hunting arround, I came along this site which had a link posted to http: Floppy Disk Controller Driver Version: Burns the occasional coaster but usually my fault or the media’s. The GQ disks now burn at 2X without any problem. The message that i got while applying the v is: Comments posted by nickweed from United States, June 16,

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After each zone the write speed is increased. Since that time, they have gone through many releases and they got progressively better. Not holding my breath, though. No software changes needed, no win2k reconfiguration, no new drivers, nothing.

It made nothing but coasters even at low speeds, and that was true with CD’s too. I hope that someone searching Google for ideas on how to resolve the firmware updating issue finds this post useful as much as I did. Comments posted by Rico from United States, August 08, When I tried to burn cheap disks GQ had errors until I did a firmware update Comments posted by Jakx from Other, January 05, Comments posted by nickweed from United States, June 16, Not sure what to blame the one coaster on.


Emprex DVDRW 1004 Im RW R DVD Rewritable 6067600136

It was working perfectly fine on my windows 98, but I did a fimware upgrade and it no longer works!!!

Windows XP Professional 5. How to record anything on your screen using th I use the Greater Quality disc and they work great, i was even burning at speed rated higher than disc on one of the firmware but lost that after a firmware upgrade. Can you post the Nero History log file?

Hoping so – would like to use 25 pack that is wasted So far, no major complaints. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Win32 Nero Aspi Library 2. The drive works with Nero 5. The one coaster I made I blame on the crappy Cyberlink software that it came bundled with. This seems like the final solution but I cant make out the name of the maufacture. This my first writer. But then again, this is a Fry’s product In my opinion, killer bang for the buck!

If the windows update continues to fail, you can update the drive by obtaining a. Can’t complain at all. I have checked using 3 DVDs but same result. Comments posted by Josh from United States, August 31, It installed easily as expected, works as expected, read things as expected, etc.


I e-mailed Nero support and they told me “Please contact the manufacturer of the recorder in order to get the latest firmware for your recorder. We can not assist you in this, sorry.


I have burned over DVD’s and not one coaster or corruption of video. Try uninstalling the Nforce IDE drivers, and then rebooting so that the default Microsoft drivers annd loaded.

The ahd two digits are the release, so is the 6th release of and is older than Try using it instead of the live update program.