Copy Density appears on the LCD panel. When you load the 4R size paper, select 10 Setting the number of copies Epson Photo Stylus Multi, normally hooked up usb on our newish main home computer which is running windows7 but when our previous computer finally bit the dust we had a backup it was running Vista which a friend installed onto computer and he managed to get the printer going. Keep enough space in front of this product for paper to be fully ejected. Page 18 To print on an envelope, refer to the Reference Guide.

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Scanning by using the LCD panel and buttons This product allows you to scan images to a memory card, computer, or epsln available on a computerand then edit them to meet your needs.

Slide the film holder into the document cover. The default setting is See the following sections for details. Plain Text Button Numeric buttons By pressing the Menu button when you are in the Copy Mode, you can adjust the following features as well. Scans from negatives are good, with a little more variation in colour and not the same brilliance that I have obtained from slides. Page 18 To print on an envelope, refer to the Reference Guide.

Usage Conditions Epson products are designed and made to give highly reliable use and long life when used according to its specifications. Page 72 The valve in the ink supply port is designed to contain any excess ink that may be released. Run it and select the driver which matches as close to your printer as possible.


If using any of them on Advanced mode, it is up to you to figure out what the differing settings are intended to achieve.


Size Rs510 types Ink Jet Transparencies: Copying Copying This section describes how to make copies using the control panel. If you need to replace the other ink cartridge, repeat steps 5 and 6. And as I said above, photos are just brilliant — in all senses of the word. Make sure the document cover is completely closed; otherwise you cannot obtain proper colored images.

The printer may not function rx5110 or at all if you use third party ink cartridges. Contrast This feature allows you to adjust the contrast of printouts. With any system, product or device used in situations where human life may be involved or at risk, Epson advises that you should take all necessary steps to ensure the suitability of your Epson product for inclusion in your system, and recommends that you include fail-safe procedures and redundancy support or backup equipment in your system, to maintain the maximum safety margin and optimum system reliability.

More Replacing an Ink Cartridge. Ejecting memory cards Make sure all the printing job is finished and the memory card light is not flashing.

Maintenance And Transporting Maintenance and Transporting Checking the Print Head Nozzles If you find that the printed image is unexpectedly faint or some dots in the printed image are missing, checking the print head nozzles helps you to identify the problem. One image, and then press the D or OK button. Draft, Text, Photo, and Epdon.


We recommend that you disconnect the USB cable when printing directly from a memory card; Do not leave photographs on the document table for an extended period of time. Scanning by using the LCD panel and buttons Not a huge difference maybe, but using an SLR camera means some of my shots are very tightly framed.

Copying Without Margins Copying without margins You can make a copy that covers the entire page of paper by using the BorderFree layout see page 20 to select this layout. To scan images to a computer or e-mail, see the Reference Guide.

Epson Stylus Photo RX510 – multifunction printer (color)

The software packages are adequate, but lack any detailed manuals. Before you do however, make sure your printer is reflected in Device Manager.

The re-inking of the heads every time you switch it on consumes valuable ink from fairly small colour ink cartridges.

Date You can print the shooting date in the bottom right area of a printout. The power cord or plug is damaged; liquid has entered into this product; this product has been dropped or the cover damaged; this product does not operate normally or exhibits a distinct change in performance.