In addition to the: Been searching around and it seems that specific network adapter has been having a couple of issues with freebsd. Yes, you can always do your own build of FreeNAS. HolyK Ninja Turtle Moderator. Fre29 Feb 23, I tried to include tests which I thought would capture useful data and others could use to replicate the testing to see what they get. Hi, I’ve been using Freenas 8 since half a year and I’m very happy with it.

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In addition to the: Trying to integrate the realtek code into 9.

There’s plenty of evidence that if you don’t have some crappy underpowered CPU that Realteks can perform. All my computers are connected through a wireless gigabit router, not sure if Raltek would get better performance if I would put all my wired connections through a dedicated gigabit switch instead of through the router.

So I have not found a good add-on yet that doesn’t cost a huge amount of money. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Last edited by a moderator: What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. But there is a vendor driver for Frebsd 8 I think. I was thinking about this yesterday before I saw your thread The NAS only used Joined Apr 29, Messages 65 Thanks 2.


If there are inefficiencies in how Realtek drivers work, they may be able to be raeltek through with a sufficiently fast CPU. Update to this thread.

FreeNAS + RealTek 8111E?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I will told you guys! So sorry guys if you think I didn’t answer you, I did with a big rea,tek message with all references serial number etc Tried to apply the patch to. How were the windows speed tests gathered?? After some research I found this: It may be possible that your systems are powerful enough that the performance issues you and I have discussed are not an issue because your hardware rfaltek somewhat recent.

Frankly its laughable how many people think they can prove this wrong.

PCI intel pro/ GT NIC performance compared to Realtek (iperf) | FreeNAS Community

But, just like with the server-side comments above, if you have problems, Intel is the undisputed leader in ensure you aren’t having problems. That’s not so good. You must log in or register to reply here.


If you are using PCI which it looks like you are then you clearly aren’t a good candiate for giving opinions about benchmarks because you need more “mad skillz”.

Sorry, it seems that the fastest way to go around the problem is to frwenas a separate intel based NIC. Joined Oct 31, Messages 9 Thanks 0.

FreeNAS x64 and Realtek RTLE network card | FreeNAS Community

I haven’t had to compile or apply patches in along time. Joined Jul 12, Messages 4 Thanks 0. Joined Oct 8, Messages 30 Thanks 0. That’s the rotten truth.

I have not been able to test NFS but that is fine. What router good value for money do you recommend to me? Forums New posts Search forums. Yoda Jun 12,