December 18, at 1: Hi, sorry I got the comments mixed up. Great match for the Lionhearts. Here are my settings: How would you set it to boost a Muff?

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The more tuhe scooped, transparent boosters tend to sound too bright with Fenders. Also Bjorn I forgot to mention what is your setting suggestion on my HT5 blackstar?

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If you experiment with it for a longer time, the new 12AX7 version can emulate nearly all of DGs lead tones especially in combination with the DynaComp and the Boss EQ. I read in many reviews that the Tube Driver does not sound glimourish good in 9v as it does with the v cord, since 9v are not enough to properly feed the 12AX7 or any other tube you use. I also recommend the Wampler Plexi Drive.

How and where do you get this information if the manufacturer doesnt come right out and say it? Set the TD slightly above unity level but not too high.

I also recommend looking into other Muffs like the new Green Russian from EHX or the Vick Audio 73, which has a 3-way switch for diffent mid range options. That dark, saturated tone is a bit tricky with the Tube Driver although a loud tube amp and some buckers would take it in that direction. The TD needs a bit of volume from the amp to open up and get that smooth sustain. An amp with a pronounced mid range, fube better suited for the majority of the Big Muff models.


Tone 3 — Alternative, versatile setup: I own Butler Tube Driver, what else do you think I would need and how to connect pedals and amp to get this violin like sound? The high gilmouris of mid range makes it fit almost any amp and bedroom setup.

Extensive I know, what would be your recommendations for pedal order, additional pedals etc.

Overdrive and distortion |

Now do you see anything wrogn with that set up? ODs with a boosted mid range will make the Muff sound dark and choked. I started testing it, and it sounded wonderful clean and at low gain settings. I defo want a tube amp and have reasonable budget. One thing I have been wondering for a while that I gilmlurish come across is how should the amp 3 band EQ section be set?

In regards to the tube switching…. So I ask you: I know he uses a Muff in conjunction with a booster or OD. I had the chance to try out for a day the spark booster of a friend of mine, and I had the impression that the mid boost mode choked the muff.


So my thinking is that the Blues Driver can get me to on-the-verge-of-breakup, with either the Vick hk OCD serving as the high gain pedal. Boss DD-2 digital delay level I have been enjoying it tremendously and thank you for that.

Tubw can sound harsh, it can sound creamy, it can sound wonderful. Excuse the sloppy playing. I want the sound of the pedal in your clip.

The Big Muff tone tutorial |

I will definitely look into those pedals. Thank you very much best regards. He mostly likes playing grunge music. In regards to the 4-note intro.

I think Bjorn said he uses a 12au7. The OCD is perhaps more versatile though. Several Boss pedals will make the Muff slightly brighter even if the Boss pedals are off.