Plug the power adapter int o the wall socket and switch on th e power. Never dispose of this el ectronic equipment along with your household waste. The Storage Service options en able you to manage attached U SB Storage devices and create accounts to access the data st ored. A replacement power supply is available from the NetComm Online shop. NBN Defa ult Setti ngs. Green Route r is conn ected to a n xDSL se rvice.

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Select from the list of configured WAN Services as displayed below.

300Mbps 802.11n Wireless LAN/Firewall Access Point & 4-Port Router (White)

The Rout ing Inform ation Protoc ol RIP is a distance based routing protocol and uses hop co unts as a routing metri c. Select the I P Versio n to appl y the s tatic gr-04nn oute to. As an example, to setu p a web server on a computer using The Routing – Static Route Add page will shows up.

Enter the destination port nu mber us ed by oruter a pplicati on to allo w.

Gateway NB304N User Manual

T he router supports these popular Dynamic DNS s ervice. See Matkahuolto outlet locations here. Management Console Login Procedure Scan for wireless networks in your area and connect to the network name th at matches the Wireless network name.


PPP U sername and P asswor d. Data oruter bei ng transmi tted o r receive d from th e attac hed USB device. Place men t of your N BN.

Galleon – Mbps n Wireless LAN/Firewall Access Point & 4-Port Router (White)

G-04n individual reading this manual is presumed to have a basic understanding of telecommunications terminology and concepts. If you wis br-04n to use a s pecific gateway to r each the des tinatio n network, enter t he IP add ress of t he gatew ay. Upon clicking OK, you will be prompted to follow the instruction as shown below. Select whic h local a ddresses remot e IPSec co nnections are abl e to access. Select a currently unus ed ATM interface.

Obtain an IP A ddres s automati cally. Click to select the days of the week on whi ch to apply the restrictio n. Hire purchase period 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 18 months 24 months 36 months 48 roouter 60 months.

You can use th e diagnostic menu to perform routeg following tes t. Router and computers to a ch annel as far awa y from other networks as possible. Enter a na me to identi fy the interface group. The ro uter has a connection but cannot access t he internet. The delivery is the same.


Route Dimension 0 x 0 x 0 inches I think this is wrong? The NB N supports all encryptions within the Select whic h remote address es local IPSec co nnections are abl e to access. Prerequisites Before continuing with the installation of your NBN, please confirm that you comply with the minimum system requirements below.

TR – Cl i ent. Verify your DSL service is act ive and that th e telephone line has been connected secu rely. However, some incoming traffic from the Internet can be accepted by setting up Incomin g IP Filtering rules. However, the Internet is based on IP addresses. You can elect to block or allow connections based on MAC Address criteria.