Lead acid batteries must not be placed in the normal waste stream. This outer tube travels over and along a support tube; the support tube is the length of the pump. Failure to do so may lead to impaired functioning of the pump, resulting in patient injury or death. Make a note of how the eight transformer spade tags are connected to the Regulator board and then slide and lift the tags off. General assembly Figure 7. Failure to observe this caution may cause serious damage to the pump. Connect PL3 to the Main board and using the six screws that were previously removed, refit the Main board to the top halve of the casing.

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GRASEBY Infusion Pump Service Manual |

Immediately wipe off any liquid that may be accidently spilt on the pump. Syringe size sensor board renewal 5 — 10 1. Carefully lift up the retaining clip on PL7 Main board; Figure 7. Starting by lifting a corner, peel the faulty switch panel away from the case; pull the loose connector out through the front casing slot, and remove the faulty switch panel. Uncouple the faulty leadscrew from the gearbox by pulling it away from the gearbox shaft.

Run the pump for 5 seconds. Insert the following test rods consecutively in the syringe cradle: Ease out the plastic flag from the sensors assembly and remove the faulty Opto sensors board.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. If the occlusion thrust requires adjustment, the following procedures must syrihge completed: Prise open the two nylon retaining clips and release the four transformer wires.

Carry out the tests listed below and fully detailed in the functional test procedures see page onwards: The occlusion thrust of the pump is factory set at between 3. Open syrjnge casing as detailed on page A small push-button on the edge of the plunger clamp makes contact with the top of the syringe plunger. Failure to apply ESD protection may result in serious damage to the product and possible malfunction.

A short circuit has occurred on the membrane switch panel during power ON self test. All possible care has been taken in the preparation of this publication, but Smiths Medical International Limited accepts no liability for any inaccuracies that may be found.

The circuit is based around a TL chip IC1 which is a standard step-down switching regulator chip that operates at 40 K Hz and acts as a pulse width modulating converter. Diodes D29 to D36 protect the circuit from static discharges induced into the panel.

Loosen graaseby grub screw with a 1. The customer may reset the thrust for their own particular requirement.

Graseby Syringe Pump

Main processor resetting software watchdog too frequently. Remove and retain the two screws that are inserted into the stainless steel bracket on the base of the pump. Spacer tube fitment Carefully lift up the left hand end of the inner metal tube and fit the nylon spacer tube over the inner tube.


There are two kits front or rear case which each contain all the necessary instructions and parts to carry out a repair. Graaseby new style square shaped flag part numberas shown below in place of the old style flag. The software continually checks itself for the validity of calculations. Fault codes, 0 to 92 Table 5.

Failure to use the mains lead clamp means that the pump may be accidentally or erroneously gfaseby from the mains. Ensuring that the leadscrew does not turn, move the occlusion nut counterclockwise i.

GRASEBY 3100 Infusion Pump Service Manual

Alter the setting of the occlusion adjusting nut as necessary. Choose from a wide range of shipping options. Adjustable mm Hg to mm Hg. The company, however, reserves the right to improve the equipment shown.

Set the pump to deliver an infusion at