Hi Seetaram, I created the project as you mentioned in above. Looking forward for your response. First thanks for your post. There are other options for ruby, python, etc. Hi Seetaram, When i run this code,i am getting error com.

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If you have lot of test cases then DataProvider way is not good. Here i am providing a test case that might be helpful package pac1; import org.

When it comes to Testing the same piece of software, we can’t be unfair to test it with just one set of data. My suggestion would be to try to use a testing framework TestNG hoow Junit which gives many more features than just parametrization.

Hi Seetaram, As Babu mentioned in this thread i am working on Selenium webdriver with TestNG framework can you pls help me in doing parametrization with webdriver java.

After execution test cases, results get stored in testoutput folder as HTML. Using TestNG’s Dataprovider annotation is a very good way of doing this This link gives a simple example of how the dataprovider annotation can be used using hardcoded values. Probably a little effort in setting up the framework in the beginning will save a lot of effort when your test code grows.


Arun, Could parameterizaiton please webdrvier Yash 1 5.

Parameterization/Data Driven Testing Of Selenium Webdriver Test Using Excel

Ripon Al Wasim Here again, we need to verify that our system is taking all set of combinations which it expected to support.

Hi Seetaram, I created the project as you mentioned in above. But I actually started using JXL first and continued with it. Email Required, but never shown. Suppose If I want to check a login screen for different members parameteriaation manager,user,admin,e. For that purpose you need to tweak the code accordingly. As we create software, we always wish it should work differently with a different set of data.

In this post, let us try to figure out which is the API that supports all the activities we need to do during execution of a test.

I’m not sure if I get the question correctly, but I would do login function that takes login and password as parameters, and some role-checking function that takes role as parameter. That can be done via two ways:. Is it possible to get the test results written to excel with the input data is not from any external sources such as xls, xml or database rather in the code itself?


If not so what kind of problem it can create.

Parameterization/Data Driven Testing Of Selenium Webdriver Test Using Excel

Can you help e here that why its not selecting the value from the drop down. Thanks for your time Seetaram.

In this code, we specify that the parameter firstName of your Java method should receive the value of the XML parameter called first-name. I have add Jnit4 and Selenium 2.

I think, you are trying to read. I hope it helps you. Sign up using Facebook. After that use the code which uses the parametrization with Excel so that will parameterizafion your requirements.

Code is correct but while calling the method in the test, I was not passing the value to be selected from the dropdown.

I have few test cases selenuim different files. I have one query. Post as a guest Name. Sign up using Email and Password. In QTP, to fill arrays values I can use code like this: