According to Entrepreneur, the Hot rankings are compiled with the help of Corporate Research Board, a research organization. I would contact Titleist with the serial number. They almost always get something wrong, whether the stampings being slightly off, or the paint color being slightly wrong on the body of the club, or the graphics being slightly off. Does anybody know if http: Not a nice feeling. This is a scam website! OKAY, After reading through these endless amounts of complaints and questions I thought I would give everyone a rule-of-thumb:.

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Authenticity question – 910F wood

Not 1 club-length, 1 CLUB. Any insight would dake greatly appreciated. Prices just dont seem right. I just thought I would say that not all club makers on e-bay are looking to scam people.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

Post some pictures of it on here, however if Titleist had it in there hands for a reshaft they would have known if it was counterfeit. I consider these to be authentic. Once it came we noticed it looked weird so we tested his against mine Hoow also have one and it was like hitting small rock with the ball all I have to say it dont use rockbottomgolf. It is possible that they could be a counterfeit product. I purchased Callaway Edge irons from onlinegolfwholesaler.


Titpeist would recommend that no one buy new clubs on ebay as I would estimate that about half are fakes. The time now is Also, you said they are shipping from China.

Hope every customer will be happy with our wholesale golf clubs and service. Hope no one flags me for it.

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

So, because it is too expensive to pay American workers and use American materials, the Chinese economy will reap the bulk of the benefit of the golf club manufacturing market excepting U. Are you implying that all Adams clubs are genuine? I mailed it back May 20th and have yet to see my card credited as of I was wanting to know some information on these websites. We already have them. Glad to hear that TGW is a good site. Any experience with them? It takes a dumb victim for thieves to exist.

I am hoping someone on here has a pic or two of a fake one or some known information on what to look for on the fakes.

Anyone had any experience of http: Is the price the same steel or graphite? I contacted Google and after a few days they removed these website. Any assistance as to their history or background woul dbe greatly appreciated. Gee, you sound like such a nice guy.


Results 1 to 8 of 8. I just started and im very keen on purchasing a used club set from Globalgolf. They claim to be a factory authorized dealer. The website was not a secured site and B of A has had to give him a new account number.

We will also donate 5 percent of your purchase price to help clear the pollution in the skies of China.

But first, we want to give you the background on how this whole spit operation all got started and why it is so rampant right 9110.

I am a lefty so maybe this protects me a little, but the response to garagesalegolf on ebay is extremely positive and I felt very good about them for that reason. I googled around and it says the tell tale sign is a blueish hue underneath weight. Anything else, please feel free to contact us.