Pad – Fusing roller cleaning pad – Felt ‘Wand’ in fusing assembly. Label – LaserJet printer return address labels – 1. Label – LaserJet printer labels for 3. Cover – Lift-up cover – Located at rear of fuser assembly over seperation pawls. Roller – Lower pickup Feed roller – Feeds paper from input tray. Cover – Top Panel cover – Has recess for ‘face down’ paper output.

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Cable – Upper main AC power cable harness which connects to most major assemblies – v, 60Hz. Sensor – Sensor assembly – Lower tray paper out or manual feed.

Delivery – Delivery kid – Final drive rollers for top cover output. Hardware – Pan head machine screw – M4. Roller – Roller – Mounts in lever arm – Located in upper duplex drive assembly.

PC Board – Paper control board – Includes solenoids for the paper pickup roller and the registration assembly – Also includes paper out sensor Laaserjet and manual feed sensor PS Label – LaserJet printer labels for 3.

Shutter – Mirror shutter assembly – Mounts on the top cover above the toner cartridge. Sensor – Sensor assembly – Sensor arm in a bracket. Tray – ‘Face-up’ paper output tray – Mounts on switchback assembly. Label – LaserJet printer shipping labels – 8. Hook – Right release hook with bracket – Latches top cover closed.


Fan – Lower cooling fan – In bottom case of printer. Coupler – Delivery coupler assembly – Two gear set. Spring – Spring – Applies tension to separation pawl – Located in fusing assembly.

Hook – Left release hook – Latches top cover closed. Roller – Lower pickup Feed roller – Feeds paper lasejret input tray.

HP LaserJet IId Supplies

Guide – Feed guide assembly – Curved plastic piece with ribs. Cleaner – Toner cleaning cloth – Specially treated cloth for absorbing toner 1 per package – Ideal for cleaning up toner spills.

Gear – Gear – 32 tooth – On right side of fusing lasfrjet. Pressure Assembly – Lower pressure assembly – ‘T’ bar. Panel – Upper front panel – Has holes for control panel and upper tray.

Corona – Transfer Corona assembly – Square tube with wire wrapped around it.

HP LaserJet IID Printer – Product Specifications

Label – LaserJet printer labels for 5. Pressure Assembly – Upper pressure assembly – ‘T’ bar. Roller – Duplex drive roller assembly – Includes paper feed sensor PS3.


Panel – Top front panel – Has cutout for release button. Brush – Cleaning brush – For cleaning the transfer corona wire. Roller – Registration assembly – Next set of rollers after paper pickup.

Door – Left side door – Access door for inserting toner cartridge. Knob – Duplex knob – For directing paper to upper or lower tray. Filter – Ozone filter – Square black filter in front of fan Two per package.

HP Computer Museum

Roller – Pickup feed roller assembly – Feeds paper from input tray. Cover – Bottom cover – Bottom ‘Pan’ of the printer. Cover – Tray top cover – For upper tray when using envelope feeder.