Earlier rally cars suffered from mild to serious traction problems. John Buffum born October 4th , in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA is the most successful American rally driver to date; winning 11 national titles and national championship events. Rallye Perce-Neige Michelin Canada. It was there that he saw performance stage rallying for the first time. In fact, it won so many events so handily that teams and drivers were concerned that the sanctioning bodies would outlaw all wheel drive in rallying just as they had done in other forms of racing. By the mid’s performance rallying was gaining popularity in the U. Views Read Edit View history.

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John Buffum – Audi Rally Racing’s Living Legend

Subaru Rallye Perce-Neige Canada. John Date of birth: From toJohn rarely did not win a North American event that he entered — losing victories only when his car broke down. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Route notes are critical since they are used by the co-driver to keep the car on course. As amazing as the Audi Quattro rally racing cars were, the best racing car in the world still needs a top driver at the wheel.

At this point in time, Buffum had laid claim to the most national championships 11 and most rally victories in the world Readers will also notice that the boost hoses are connected with silicone sleeves, which are augmented by metal hooks. Rallye Auto Charlevoix Canada. We’d like to extend very special thanks to John Buffum for taking the time to talk and show us his car and to Joe Nocito of Axis Motorsport who initially arranged the meeting.


Buffum became known for his ability to take charge of the ever-changing conditions of a rally course, his photographic memory of roads and turns, and his ability to drive with abandon to post the fastest time, but with enough competition sense to finish the event.

Buffum began driving TSD rallies with his new wife Vicki inand later on with others throughout the rest of his stay at Middlebury. It’s lucky for us then, that there are folks like John Buffum who keep the history of Audi and rally racing alive, and keep alive these amazing machines of the recent past. The unit body is fully seam welded street car unit bodies are spot welded, crimped, and glued, but not seam welded which is hugely labor intensive, but makes the unit VERY strong.

Even though John and Vicki had divorced inthey continued to run rallies together at that time. Molson Lobster Rally Canada.

After graduating from college and enlisting in the Army as joohn mechanical engineer, Buffum was sent to Germany as a second lieutenant in a bridge-building company of the Corps of Engineers. John sometimes wishes that he could have moved to Europe to fully take advantage of his driving talents but in the end he regrets little.

Twitter Facebook Reddit Google. He began to evolve from reckless mode which had to that point earned him the nickname “Stuff’em Buffum” to a championship, winning style.

Buffum is the only driver in the world to compete in at least one World Rally Championship event in five continuous decades ‘s, ‘s, ‘s, ‘s and In traditional rally car fashion, there are relays, fuses, gauges, map pockets, etc in the interior. His amazing performances would see Buffum signed by American tire maker BF Goodrich as part of their global marketing jobn.


West Euro Rally Cup 4.

Canadian Winter Rally Canada. It was common for some drivers to sandbag during the events, which is to say they would intentionally slow up on course so they would not win in such a commanding way as to draw negative attention to their superior cars.

John Buffum Bio

Rallye Auto Charlevoix Michelin Canada. Paired with this amazing car, the two became nearly invincible.

Do you want to contribute information or expand this page? According to Buffum it is highly unlikely.

John Buffum Bio

InBuffum would once again reign supreme by finishing every rally uohn he entered; netting 8 wins and 2 podiums in 10 events. The result was oftentimes broken turbochargers and boost hoses coming apart. Colin McRae Forest Stages. Audi Quattro Sport F The car as it stands today is an Audi Sport prepped car which was used one time by Michelle Mouton in the Portuguese Rally.