And considering the amount of stuff I put into my machine and that I currently use 2 P-ATA drives with converters on my Asus A7N8X deluxe this frees up my serial-ata-ports for further expansion Check out the specifications below and go over to the next few pages to see how it compares with the recently reviewed Soltek SLFRN2. Anybody else seen something similar and knows how to get the rig going again? Introduction With the Ahtlon 64 looming in the horizon, it looks like the Socket-A platform is on its last lap. The case also has a 4-way Fan-control Rheostat and 5 case-fans, three with leds. And I have problem starting the computer up with a Chieftec Watt supply. Because I absolutely do not believe this can be true that the CPU immediatly dies like this just because we set the FSB to when that is stock settings, on two separate systems.

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I guess I won’t.

More in this very same thread later So I’m happy with that and my MSI motherboard is going back. Ok, now we are getting somewhere.


Ok, We are on our second system with this combo now and a third still waiting to be finished. Oct 13, Posts: Aug 23, Posts: If that is true then they are pretty much lying on the boxes. Dual channel DDR on nForce2 is already plenty of memory bandwidth.

Support For K7N2 Delta-L/ ILSR | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

So I thought that I should try with this TrueControl anyway Tell us there is another way I would guess that ends my problems AND makes me sleep well. Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden Registered: But it cost 3 times more than the Q-tec.

Fri Nov 07, Feb 12, Posts: Hmm, ok, so is there any particular reason you choosed CL3 memory?

Granted, it is better than not working at all, but we were originally looking at getting semi-high performance with stock settings. Mon Nov 10, 2: Save settings and reboot Any ideas of what else to get? jlsr

Not much, and Q-tec rated it as peak 20A and 16A continous I had unfortunatly learned ahead that even that one possibly wouldn’t make it. Thu Nov 13, 8: Introduction With the Ahtlon 64 looming in the msk, it looks like the Socket-A platform is on its last lap.


Othervise I can mmsi put that Watt in That would be difficult to foresee since the Ahtlon XP has an impressive CPU line-up and the platform itself could easily last through the next year. Wed Nov 26, 7: Heck I’d even consider Asus, but then it better work, because their support sucks Without a bunch of the stuff I have connected it boots flawlessly.

Msi K7N2 Delta-ILSR Manuals

So I returned the CPU and reordered a new one. The case also has a 4-way Fan-control Rheostat and 5 case-fans, three with leds.

Thought that anyone if there is somebody that have read this thread would be interested Best Regards Klsr Eriksson. Thu Nov 20, 7: We certainly hope that this will be an issue of the past as time goes on and with manufacturers updating their BIOS consistently.