So far, everything is kicking ass. Don’t know what the difference is exactly. Send a private message to JPS. It’s actually a pretty kickass board. Send a private message to Allen Hallada.

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As we all know, it’s all about the looks, and yes, it most certainly looks cool. So it seems the board should do fine. Send a private message to JPS. Turns out the Asus A7V i got was shot on delivery. Thanks for the reply. It’s actually a pretty kickass board.

After almost a week of harrassing the computer repair place, they finally determined, yes it was officially the board that was dead and not the CPU which was the other possibility.

Ok, this is the last time I am going to ask “is this a good motherboard?

MSI K7T Turbo Lite3 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT133A

Send a private message to SixChurchStreet. Find all posts by SixChurchStreet. Has anyone used this msi K7T Pro2 motherboard? Seeing as the Asus board i bought just happened to be dead. If you haven’t already, read the PT Performance thread, has lots of good information on mobos and their performance.


Find all posts by JasonD. Send a private message to JasonD. Having myself read many of the “horror” stories here, it is a great feeling to get ones system running smoothly.

That is a good thing. Finally i went and picked it up at the depot. Find all posts by Allen Hallada.

The time now is I am very pleased. New City, NY Posts: Send a private message to Allen Hallada. So I dropped it at a computer repair place, caues i had had enough.

on-board audio on MSI K7T Turbo v

Find all posts by JPS. Anyway, got it all together last night, and it’s still zudio awesome. Ok, so first a quick story about the “horror story”. I’ll post my full system specs once i know everything is flowing alright.

But it’s in the repair shop and either the CPU or Motherboard is bad, so one will need to be replaced. And it’s actually the K7T Turbo2, not the Pro2. Glad to see you mis the Digi going.


MSI K7T Turbo – R

This mobo looks to have the KTa chipset, which means that it is officially supported by Digi. I think I am an MSI fan. And to top it all off, the board is read. Sun Valley, ID Posts: So far, everything is kicking ass.

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