Pages with broken section links. Or sign in with one of these services. The solution is to manually force udev to update:. Unsure how to proceed. My current netbook came with a Sentelic touchpad included. But there are alot of noobs out there inlcuding me..

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I could be of help with testing, but I do not have the skills to jump in and create a package myself for this. I’m going to attempt a first submission of my patch to the relevant kernel maintainer in a few minutes.

Senhelic pre-compiled version is 32bit for the Atom cpu againI tried to compile and run the 1.

MSI Wind U100

I applied your changes to the stock Oneiric kernel. Posted January 18, If you post it here, I’ll grab it and test it out. Though don’t think it is.

Please do not test the u00 folder, but the one all the way at the bottom. Is there an enable flag somewhere I missed? You need to log in to change this bug’s status. To have the touchpad work after suspend, you need to reset it.


Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. The Wind widn the default Windows XP mouse driver with no special touchpad driver. I decided to figure it all out this morning, and the results are in the attachment.

Miscellaneous Fixits: MSI Wind U Netbook Touchpad Driver Solution

Please Register to Post a Reply. View all comments or add a comment. I’m having a hard time collecting all the information from the different sources on kext, boot process Sentelix a new version with the corner-scroll feature enabled.

Please support this piece of hardware. If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags: If it’s still not working, then try loading the module.

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Sign in Already have an account? The results sound fantastic, but I’m a recent Ubuntu-convert from OS X, so the files and commands are kind of intimidating. Swntelic Post Older Post Home. Salyer sds-8 wrote on Sorry hadn’t checked the thread in a bit Register to Reply to This Post.


Bug # “Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Any help would be greatly appreciated. After you have registered and read the forum rulesyou can check out the FAQ for u information on using the forum.

Sentelic has released a linux driver and configuration utility under GPL. Crossing my fingers that these issues are resolved by April for the LTS release. I personally don’t like corner-scroll so I’m leaving the old driver there as well; choose the one you want.

Thanks for working this out! This network adapter is known to be buggy, so it’s unlikely that this driver will show significant progress over its current state. Call me crazy but I actually missed the corner scrolling so Jsi reverted back.